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On the website Mediumchat, you can chat undisturbed from every place you be, with mediums, psychics, healers, coaches, counselors. You can ask them all your questions about love, relationship, finance or whatever you want to ask about yourself, your life, your future. Every paranormal medium who is working on this website is screened and selected. They have very much in common. So by a few credits and chat with the medium of your own choice.

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Maria: "incredible, very accurate, arlette connected with me at a deep level and was accurate in her reportings of what she found."
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Love & Relationship
Soul mate Connections
Reuniting loved ones
1 credit p.m.

Love Angel

I am a Psychic advisor with over 35 years’ experience in guiding clients through their life and love situations. I am able to catch a glimpse into your future and help .......

Spirit Guides
Clairvoyant English
1 credit p.m.

Angelic Mysta

A deeply caring & compassionate 3RD generation natural psychic,a spiritual healer and a relationship expert. My natural abilities include being able to connect with the ......

Tarot Cards
1 credit p.m.


Happiness eludes you and always seems out of reach, and the need to make certain decisions has become the cause of never ending concern,...

1 credit p.m.

Psychic Christina

Psychic and Coach Christina, Is your life passing you by ? Are you so focused on your dreams that you are forgetting to enjoy every day to the fullest and be happy ........

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